prix bronze miel de chêne miel martine

Second Bronze Prize at the Salon des Epicures for Miel Martine

After the White Heather honey awarded in 2019, this year it is the turn of the oak honey which also wins the Bronze Prize at the prestigiou French event “Salon des Epicures”.

This rare honey with its powerful aromas seduced the juries’ taste buds. It was thus recognised as one of the best delicatessen products in its category. Another distinction that once again supports French honey. 

What is the “Salon des Epicures” ?

The 8th edition took place on 14 June 2021 at the Palais Gabriel in Paris. This is an event that each year enhance a list of food products in the world of Fine Food. 3 winners are awarded in about twenty categories, judged by specialists, chefs and gastronomic journalists.

It is a one-day event where professionals discover tasty, qualitative and original products, revealing the culinary trends of the moment.

Characteristics of Oak Honey

It is a honeydew, which makes it a product of character. Unlike nectar from flowers, main source of honey, honeydew is the sugary excretion deposited on trees by parasitic insects. The bees collect it and transform it into honey. This specific manufacturing process gives oak honey its brownish colour and its pronounced and atypical taste, which reminds the liquorice taste. It is a unique type of honey, rich in minerals and micronutrients, still little-known today. It tends to be more and more recognized, and the Epicures Prize this year has allowed it to be highlighted.

At Miel Martine, oak honey is a quality product carefully harvested in the woods of Provence by our beekeepers. It is fully traceable by an independent organisation.