Our royal jelly is produced at the same time as Miel Martine honey. We take special care from grafting to extraction in preparing this product which offers infinite benefits.

Our fully-equipped laboratory allows us to harvest in optimum conditions. We maintain a continuous cold-chain ranging between 2°C and 5°C to ensure the royal jelly is stored in ideal conditions.

The royal jelly from Château La Martinette is 100% French. Our beekeepers carry out all the production steps. Just like Miel Martine honey, we use the website www.respect-code.org to guarantee traceability.

Our royal jelly is delivered by Chronopost, which offers a delivery system that ensures the cold chain is maintained.

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“Honey and its related products are truly incredible. We realize this even more once we understand the bees’ role.”

Nicolas, Head Beekeeper

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