The wax is produced in parallel with the production of Honey Martine. 100% French production.

All stages of production are done by our beekeepers internally. Our embossed wax is of superior quality and your bees can work their honey optimally. As for our honey, traceability is guaranteed Analyzes are regularly performed by an independent laboratory.

We offer an embossed wax in DADANS (horns and rise) and LANGSTROTH format to meet the needs of your hives.

Deliveries are made by post, with a shipping number that allows you to track your package.

Wax Production

The wax is melted in a tank at 120 ° C for 4 to 6 hours depending on the amount of wax and then transferred to a second tank and worked at 84 ° C. During this melting phase, the possible waste will gradually sink in the bottom of the tank of the melter.

The wax passes between two printer rollers participating in the cooling of the wax. Then the wax ribbon created is then cut to the size specified by a hydraulic knife.

The size of our cells printed in the wax is: 5.1.

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