Mated Queens

Queen bees La Meillerie Provençale “Martine” come from the best breeders in Europe. The natural mating takes place in protected settings in the heart of Provence. Our beekeepers manage 1,500 nucleus colonies and each race has its own apiary for mating.

We offer the queens brother Adam (Karl Kehrle), with a low propensity for swarming, which are best adapted to our regions.

We deliver by post with a shipping number that allows you to track your package. Each queen bee order is shipped in a plastic cage with attendant workers. Orders for several queens are shipped in special aerated boxes.

Our beekeepers are available to answer your questions and provide advice in introducing the bees. The queen bees are available from mid-April to September.

“Beekeeping is a profession that can only be done with passion.”

Nicolas, Head Beekeeper

“Honey is natural food that has existed for millennia.”

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